Or get 100% of your money back!

Land your first flip in 30 days!

Or get 100% of your money back!

Get a more functional body, train with your own online coach and land your first flip safely.

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learn at home & have a coach

No expensive gyms, no gear, 100% safe!

Acrobatic gyms can be costly and you might not even have one close to you.

That’s why we combined personal coaching and online learning so anyone can land their first flip at home safely!

Save money

Save on monthly gym membership fees.

Learn at home

Learn everything at home by yourself.

No equipment

With the right methods, you don't need much to learn.

Have a coach

Reach your goals with Flipping Art coaches.

Seriously, everyone can do it.

How a famous painter learns to backflip:

"Why I love training with them and doing this course is because it ignites passion and it gives me the freedom to move the way I want to.

It's awesome because everybody can do that at home. "
Nik Anikis (32)
World-renowned painter

like our 1400 students

In this course you will learn:

1. Frontflip

This flip comes most naturally to all students since we all have a good sense of rotating forwards. That’s why we start here.

2. Backflip

The most recognizable out of all flips and the dreams of many sports enthusiasts. This flip can be done literally everywhere once you get the hang of it.

3. Sideflip

Sideflip is the easiest to do from a physical standpoint but requires good coordination. Because of its nature, you can achieve great vertical height.

Safe & effective course

How did we make flips safe?

Having thought acrobatic for more than 7 years and teaching thousands of students we got our methods right…

1. Building foundational strength

With our 30-day training plan, we build solid muscle foundations and get you stronger, more explosive and more flexible.

2. Gradual progression

We start real slow and teach you fundamentals first. When you get comfortable with all movement patterns we move on and slowly start putting pieces together.

3. Simple & effective pre-exercises

We use pre-exercises that are simple but very effective and don't need much space. If you properly secure the surroundings you'll be fine!

4. Can be done literally anywhere

If you don't feel comfortable doing actual flips inside or you have limited space just find a patch of grass outside, bring some cushioning and you are set. For some this way is far easier.

Also, you won't train alone!

The only online course where:

You will have coaches by your side!

We will make sure that you reach your goals safely!

We will be available in the chat right next to the course lessons and we will:

  • Analyse your technique
  • Give you special pre-exercises
  • Give you extra videos for further explanation
  • Guide and help you to reach your goals

Achieve badass status

If they did it, so can you!

meet your coaches

Hi! We're Luka and Tim...

We founded the acrobatic performance crew Flipping Art, where we performed all over the world and worked with the biggest brands like Red Bull, Samsung, Adidas, Fox, etc.


When we started with acrobatics we didn’t have access to any gym so we were forced to learn everything at home.

This led us to develop our own methods that are highly effective and can be done entirely at home.

Why do we know this?

We both have a degree in Sports science, we’re certified gymnastic coaches and we successfully taught acrobatics to more than 1400 students.

And now we can’t wait to help you smash your goals and enter the world of badassery…

All of our knowledge in one program

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This is not your ordinary program

We will make you fit!

Develop strength

In-depth training plan to condition your body.

Become explosive

Specific exercises to get you more explosive.

Increase flexibility

Step-by-step instructions to increase your flexibility.

Training Example


Training Example


Why does this strength training plan work?

Everything we teach is backed by science, since we have a degree in Sports Science.

We structured this training on a weekly cyclization and triple M principles to achieve maximum efficiency. 

  • First, we make you stronger
  • Than we make you faster
  • Lastly, we work on flexibility

Start learning what you always dreamed of NOW!

Acro Foundation

Stop watching useless 5-minute Youtube videos and learn acrobatics the right way!



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Land your first flip or get your money back!

We are so confident in our methods that if you don't make any progress in 30 days, we will give you a full refund!

+1422 students achieved their dreams!

I landed my first backflip!

"Youtube is full of tutorials of all kinds, but this is the first time that I have found a progression that is so well structured and adapted to practice at home."

"All of this gave me enough confidence to send my first flip."
Cyrio Pernil
Sports Enthusiast

The most in-depth acrobatics online course

This is what you get when you sign up!


Unlock acrobatics cheat codes

2.1. Lower body anatomy

2.2. Core muscles anatomy

2.3. Upper body anatomy

3.1. Scientific view on warming up

3.2. Visualization exercises

3.3. Post-activation potentiation

3.4. Neural spring effect

Acrobatic strength conditioning

5.1. Muscle mass technique (to gain strength)

5.2. Activation training technique (to be more explosive)

5.3. Mobility training (to be more flexible)

Week 1: Starting with strength training

Week 2: Adding more complex strength exercises

Week 3: Activation exercises to make you more explosive

Week 4: Adding more complex explosive exercises

Overall we use 57 different exercises and 9 different routines to gradually achieve the best results.

Discover your acrobatic potential

7.1. Introduction to acrobatics

7.2. How to structure your acrobatic training session the right way

7.3. How to effectively warm up for acrobatics

8.1. What do you need to know about frontflip

8.2. Frontflip biomechanical analysis

8.3. Frontflip pre-exercises

8.4. Performing frontflip

9.1. What do you need to know about backflip

9.2. Backflip biomechanical analysis

9.3. Backflip pre-exercises

9.4. Performing backflip

10.1. What do you need to know about sideflip

10.2. Sideflip biomechanical analysis

10.3. Sideflip pre-exercises

10.4. Performing sideflip







Have a question? See our FAQ

see how it looks

Know exactly what you are getting into

This is a video taken from the course. Here we do a biomechanical analysis of what happens during sideflip.


Any questions? We got you!

About course

This course is for all skill levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re already familiar with acrobatics in some way and you just want to accelerate your growth and expand your skills. Whatever the case may be, you will build a strong acrobatic foundation you can work on in the future.
If you’re looking to learn a new skill, be more fit and finish the course with something you’ll really be proud of, this course is for you.
We understand. It may look a bit scary for sure. But if you have the right methods and guidance where you go step by step this won’t be a problem at all.
How will you overcome your fear?
  • Visualization exercises
  • Step-by-step learning methods
  • In-depth anatomical and biomechanical understanding
Acrobatics can be scary when we don’t know what to expect. But when we know what are we doing and we understand the mechanism behind it we don’t really think about it anymore. This is why having a proven method and experienced instructors can really make a difference.
While this plays a factor, we developed our course in a way that anyone can reach success. If you stick to our in-depth strength training plan you will for sure become stronger and more explosive and eventually land your first flip.
Depending on your fitness level, you may need to spend a bit more time on the strength training plan. By default, it’s 30 days long but you can prolong it and just repeat the cycles until you feel confident to continue.
You will have everything you need to succeed. If you are patient enough, you will reach your goals. That’s our guarantee.
Absolutely. Our methods are based on a gradual progression where you only need a mattress and a few pillows. We made sure all exercises are safe and can be done at home.
If you follow our recommendations, go step by step, and secure your surroundings properly, you will land your first flip for sure. 

You’ll take the course completely online, so you’ll need a computer, tablet, or phone to access it.

Also, you’ll need a space where you can comfortably and safely practice your acrobatics and some sort of cushioning. In our course, we use mattresses and pillows but if you have something similar, it will work as well.

Some things are just not for everyone, and we get that. That’s why we offer a full refund in case our course won’t work out for you.

However, we can guarantee you that if you follow what we teach and also spend enough time in the strength training module you will achieve success. Our methods are based on training 1200 people and we can honestly say they really work. 

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After purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you will get more information on how to navigate our website. From there you can go straight to the course.


We are so confident in our methods that if you don’t make any progress in 30 days, we will give you a full refund!

Each course is a one-time payment. You have lifetime access and receive all future updates.

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