For those looking to become real-life ninjas...

Discover how everyone can land their first flip in just 30 days…

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“Learn a counterintuitive approach to safely land a flip in just 30 days GUARANTEED using the “Neural spring effect” to tap into true raw explosive power PLUS uncover the “no-fear” secrets we’ve used to perform for 400+ supergiant brands like Red Bull, Samsung, and Adidas!”

3790+ students did it:

Dear Soon to be Ninja,

This might come as a surprise but…


I’m not talking trampoline play, or diving in a pool…

I mean full-blown CLEAN front flips, backflips, AND side flips…

And you can do it…

…in just a small 30 days…

No matter how unathletic you are…

How scared of a neck-crunching nightmare you might be…

Or how many hundreds of bogus YouTube videos you’ve already tried…

“From the comfort of your home with NO expensive equipment, trainer, or home-gym...”

So if you’re serious about cranking out flips “on command”…

Looking to see admiring faces light up and hear screams of joy, fear, and surprise when you whip out your new party trick…

Or maybe just dreaming of crushing a new challenge and wanting to look like a real movie star badass…

Reading about first-flip secrets will be a game changer for you

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More than 3790 students used our methods so far, and the results are truly amazing. 💪  

But before I explain exactly how you’re going to get flipping in 30 days in just a minute.

Who are we…?

We’re Luka and Tim.

Owners of the World renowned “flight team” crew Flipping Art™

And “Secret weapon” for some of the world's largest home brands …

Because with over 400+ acrobatic shows to our name…

20+ years of experience between us…

We know how to put on a pretty good show…

And as naturally “athletic”, “gifted” or whatever label we might seem now…

Making it to the big stage like this was once a very distant pipe-dream..

We started from very humble beginnings…

No gym…

No trainers…

No safety mats…

Just ourselves and the plain old outdoors…along with a few cool ideas from our favourite shows.

We trained at home for AGES.

Falling flat on our faces…

Near breaking bones..

And driving our parents around the bend with threatening hospital fees just one jump away.

But after cracking our first flips at about the same time…

This is my first flip on a tree waaaaay back around 2010 (camera resolution speaks for itself hah)

…And feeling the exhilarating surge of adrenaline and happiness that rushed through our bodies.

We decided we could NEVER live “a normal life”, and set acrobatics as our future…

Rush forward from then..

… a degree at the Faculty of sports…

Founding Flipping Art™..

Starting our own school…now running on 7 years

And with hundreds of thousands of hours of pure, hard work, dedication and experience..

We come to you with the foolproof science-backed system we’ve used to accelerate THOUSANDS of students..

From the early days and our first few “test subjects…

…to the hundreds-by-the day that sign up to our programs

…to their very first flip and beyond…

I landed my first backflip!

"Youtube is full of tutorials of all kinds, but this is the first time that I have found a progression that is so well structured and adapted to practice at home."

"All of this gave me enough confidence to send my first flip."
Cyrio Pernil
Sports Enthusiast


Well, the truth isn’t that we’re the BEST teachers in the world…

We’re simply sharing the shocking discovery we made after our degree…

Involving a short, aggressive super jumping Kangaroo..

And a little known secret we call the “Neural spring effect”…

Skip the story! Show me how I can use the “Neural spring effect” to become a five star flipper now!

A Kangaroo and the “Neural spring effect”...

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Ever wondered how Kangaroos effortlessly bound several metres in one with CRAZY explosive energy….

Some making a whooping 15 metres in one jump?

It’s easy to believe they’re simply blood-thirsty for their next human victim

I have heard they’re quite aggressive…

Or that it’s simply their “jacked” and ginormous legs thrusting them forward with ease

(which… IS more along the lines, and also the reason they can send grown men to the ground with broken bones with a 10% powerkick).

But the truth to their high-jump hurdling actually comes down to only one thing…

Their uncanny ability to activate what we call the “Neural spring effect”…

…and how they use this effect to unlock the raw, explosive elastic energy from their muscles to catapult them on every stride..

So what is this secret effect?

Well, the “Neural Spring Effect” isn’t actually supposed to be used to launch meters off the ground like the Kangaroos use it to do…

But rather as a way to prevent tendons and muscles from injury…

Let me explain:

There’s one natural trigger that must occur for this “effect” to activate…

Otherwise the jump, leap or bound will look more like this:

And that is called the Myotatic reflex..

(For those who think I’m getting a bit too “sciencey”, in just a minute I’m going to show how YOU can use this…so listen in)

It’s the blink-of-the-eye reflex the Kangaroo’s muscles use to avoid hurting themselves when landing or bracing for impact…

It causes their muscles to quickly relax and contract..

And when they quickly re-contract…

Releasing a big jolt of elastic potential energy and uncorking a dynamite-level explosive push off the ground..

Rocketing the Kangaroo forward for their next stride after landing…

As you can see in the video…

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But that’s not even the best part about this reflex:

Turns out us humans have it too.

That’s correct…

You too can use the myotatic reflex to trigger the “Neural Spring Effect” for yourself…to FLIP!

Here’s the catch though…


Because for us humans, the myotatic reflex only has a 150-millisecond window to activate..

Quite literally a “blink of the eye”

And it could be the difference between being launched to extraordinary making-flips-easy height or a dud-jump…

Which I think we can all admit to having done…

Building up all the energy you could muster, ready to burst and pop a crazy-power jump…

And then only getting a tiny, pathetic hop…like the cat in the video.

The real reason is that you didn’t use your myotatic reflex to your advantage…and took way too long to jump.

So what should you do?

You have to get the timing exactly right…

…which surprisingly DOESN’T require “god-level” reflexes

In fact, it simply comes from a bit of specialised training..

Training your subconscious to hit your myotatic reflex to a pinpoint every single time..

There’s also another important part…

A KEY difference between Kangaroo’s, top acrobats like ourselves, and the average person on the street’s ability to activate the “Neural spring effect”

EVEN if we’ve trained to a tee timing our myotatic reflex..


The sheer difference in raw muscle size, strength and elasticity…

Which makes a world of difference…

And it clearly explains why the Kangaroos and even acrobats can take advantage of the “Neural Sprint Effect” to full advantage…

Myotatic reflex aside (trained for acrobats, and comes naturally to Kangaroos from jumping all day long…)

What does that mean for you then?

“You must use special training to get your muscles strong, big enough and most importantly elastic enough …”

IN ADDITION to your myotatic reflex training…

Training both means you can take full advantage of the “Neural spring effect”..

Allowing you to effortlessly skyrocket yourself upwards with PLENTY of time to flip…

(Which you’ll find out…is actually the easy part)

“Training two things…this is going to take AGES, right?”

Here’s the good news:

With this correct training, you’ll be able to get the raw explosiveness, size and elasticity you need (and learn to time the myotatic reflex) in about 30 days or less…

Allowing you to flip, in well, 30 days…

The flipping part is just easy technique you have to do enough times to get imprinted in you…

Easy peasy…

A walk in the park…

I say 30 days but it depends what you do…

Sure, you can go and learn how to build the elasticity, strength, and size by yourself..

Reading the papers..

Doing the tens of hours of study..

Watching more BS youtube videos..

Even just fooling around yourself..

But you won’t find ANY guide out there that shows you specifically not only how to build your body to get your muscles into strong and elastic shape..

…But also the “insider secrets” to nailing the timing for your myotatic reflex to activate the “Neural spring effect”..

(The key to effortlessly springing up and popping your first flips..)

In a mere 30 days…

It’s just not on the market.

So this is a true fastrack…

And so with 7+ years of black-belt teaching experience…

DEGREES and the real science-backed juice to jumping..

The THOUSANDS of hours of “no-rules” at-home acrobats training..

Along with 400+ professional performances.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to our training system…


Acro Foundation Program™

The all-in-one system to get your first flip in 30 days or less…

Using our own triple M system we’ll show you the years tested ways to train your muscles, mobility, and then how to easily activate them.

Allowing you to extract the full juice from activating your “Neural spring effect”..

And to win the much-needed raw explosive power to burst off the ground and flip.

(All from the comfort of your home with no gyms or expensive equipment…just you!)

And so it’s my pleasure to introduce the first part of our system..

To teach you the science you must know to crank out flips “on command”

Section 1…


In this module you’ll learn to fully understand the powerhouse system that is your body…

The different muscles used during a flip, the secrets surrounding the “Neural spring effect” and more…

Here’s a small glimpse to what you’ll discover:

And much much more…

The easy, yet must-know start to your first flip journey..

Now onto the BIGGEST and most valuable module…

Teaching you the 101s to activate the “Neural spring effect” by getting your body into fit, spick and span condition..

And filling you with so much explosive potential that nailing your first flip becomes inevitable..

The module also where our prized “Triple M” system makes a big appearance…



Training table from Week 1

The real “juice” of our program…

This is the very same system we’ve used to train THOUSANDS of now-expert acrobats…following the KEY patterns we use in our training

It covers everything from improving your muscles, strength and elasticity (moving you closer to Kangaroo potential)…

And also how to unleash their power them whenever you want…with your “myotatic reflex” and the “Neural spring effect”

For those needing to overcome the fear of doing flips, this is extra crucial for you

On top of our dedicated fear-dissolving strategies (which I’ll reveal soon enough)…

This will pump you with so much power that it almost instantly evaporates any fear you have…

Because flipping is the same as everything…

Public speakers, athletes from other sports, trying anything new…

The first time you’re obviously going to be scared…because you don’t have the SKILLS to be confident

Confidence comes directly from your ability to do something.

When you become so powerful, so competent and are able to jump to unbelievable superman heights…your fear DISAPPEARS on the spot!

And you can crank out flips with no hesitation and zen-level calmness and composure…

Nailing them every time!

In the first module of this section, we intro the exact process we use to get your body into flipping shape

From overloading your muscles…

Stretching them to build the ultra-springy elasticity you need…

To the exact blueprint to activate the “Neural spring effect” and your myotatic reflex..

Backed my science, experience, and our “no-rules” at home beginnings…

Here’s what you get:

Full First-Flip 30 day training plan

The exact 4 week blueprint using the TRIPLE M system to build the body you need.

In week 1 and 2;

We’ll put your body into “jacked kangaroo mode”…

Building a formidable frame with the strength you’ll need to flip

We’ll burst through your muscles’ current elastic potential..

Supercharging them with the energy they’ll need to “pop” a the right moment into a firework jump and flip.

With your renewed tendons and ultra-elastic muscles, you’ll also be able to stick massive landings too…on soft, semi-soft and hard ground

For if you ever need to replicate a badass movie-like escape scene…

***Obviously, we do not recommend this to newbies, but this will move you closer to this!

In week 3 and 4;

We focus PRIMARILY on taking all the explosive potential you’ve built over the last 2 weeks and flipping that (quite literally) into activation exercises..

This will allow you to fully “reach” all the gains you’ve made…

Taking advantage of the “Neural spring effect”…

And showing you the exact timing principles we use to trigger our myotatic reflex every single time

You’ll quite literally be hacking your body to jump to extraordinary heights!

This is the last deep dive you’ll need before you crank out your first flip..

Here’s what you get:

A full 30 day training plan

Now onto our next section…

Taking your put-on-steroid strength and ability to activate the “Neural spring effect” to the most important part of this program

(and maybe the easiest…)



The part you’ve all been waiting for…

The head-turning, challenge crushing, fear slashing art of the flip.

I mean flipS! Because we’ll cover not only front flips, but how to effortlessly crank out sight-to-see backflips and side flips!

This is by far the FUNNEST part of the program


Because the feeling when you land that first flip…it’s a once in a lifetime experience (more on that later)

This is the exact roadmap to becoming the real-life Ninja you’ve always dreamed of being..

Here’s exactly what you get:

The FULL front flip training guide

We’ll teach you the exact techniques, taking you through all the small-step ladder progressions to safely, and building up your flipping tolerance!

… and then rushing you to the first frontflip you’ve waited years to perform!


Using our toolbox of easy-to-follow frontflip techniques, tricks and insider secrets you’ll quickly master the front-flip..

And since we don’t want you to get too bored (although they never get boring)

We move swiftly on to cracking a badass backflip.

The FULL backflip training guide

When you ask most people what they think the coolest flip is…

I can bet you the TOP answer is a backflip

The fact you’re not just launching yourself into a crazy spin, but also doing it backwards is nothing less than jaw-dropping…

In this full rooke guide, we’ll reveal the exact strategies we use to make them easy (including the simple ways to overcome the “backwards” fear!)

In this full guide you’ll uncover:

By the end of this, and with a few extra reps, you’ll have mastered one of the most scary flips there!

…less than 1 out of 200 people ever get to do this on the ground, so you should be extremely proud!

But you’re only ⅔ of the way through your “be-a-ninja” fundamentals

Because there’s one more flip you’ve got to crack..

The highest velocity and with the biggest distance potential SIDEFLIP!

Our last module in section 2

The FULL sideflip training guide

Your full guide to perfecting one of the most ninja-like flips…

The sideflip isn’t just any flip..

It’s a flip you can use to launch across big gaps..

Over people..

And much much more

It’s one of the core 3 flips you MUST have in your arsenal…and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to do just that.

Buckle up, because you’re in for a treat.

Within our all-in-one comprehensive guide to sideflips, you’ll learn to nail a sideflip, and also uncover…

And much much more…

And that’s it!

Your full guide to the 3 core flips

After finishing this section of the program you’ll be a front-flip fantatic…

Able to crank out badass backflips..

And will have unlocked the secret skill that is a sideflip..

You’ll have the chops to show off to your friends, family, the internet, yourself…whoever!

With the raw power and explosiveness to crack a hole in the roof of any house you’re in with the “Neural spring effect” too..

And that’s it, the core 3 modules you’ll receive when you purchase today..

EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to flip AND more!

But just before I reveal exactly how much we’re going to ask for this flipping “fastlane”..

I want you to imagine:

Right now, you might be completely lost to where to even starting a flip. Sick and tired of BS time-wasting flip videos.

But I want you now to just imagine you HAVE taken this shortcut…

For just a moment…

Picture this:

It’s been an hour…

You’ve soaked up all the information about the “Neural spring effect” and how you’re going to supercharge your explosive potential in the first 2 weeks of the program..

You’re excited to now unlock the true raw power your body has been “hiding” from you this whole time, and you can’t wait to start training…

Can you believe it’s now passed a week?

You’re now training full-time, implementing all the juicy mega-jump knowledge you need to get your body into first-flip shape..

You already feel more springy walking round, more of a bounce in your step. You even tried jumping a bit, and you feel MUCH more explosive…

You can’t wait to pop your first flip, and your newfound explosive energy is slowly zapping your fear away…and giving you a hungry confidence to NAIL your first few attempts.

It’s been 2 weeks now..

You’ve finished section one and you feel the strongest you’ve ever felt before.

Your core feels bulletproof, your legs; big, strong and powerful and your arms ready to swing back and thrust you into the air..

You’re now a full-fledged spring, ready to release all the energy you’ve been building up

In fact, you feel so powerful and explosive that you could EASILY jump through the roof. A screaming teapot with a red-hot lid ready to fly off…

It’s now action time – to start learning your first flip…

Now 3 weeks in…

You’ve started to learn the timings and special training methods to train your myotatic reflex…

Ready to release the full power of your “Neural spring effect”

You’ve got energy coursing through you and you can’t wait to pop your first flip…

You’ve even started some of the progression exercises and it feels super easy…heck, you could probably flip now, but you’re waiting until the time is right.

One more week of added jump explosiveness.

One more week until you show everyone what you’ve been working on

It’s now 4 weeks.

And it happened..

You were going through the motions. Hit the mattress once, but got up still determined…

Then you made a second attempt…

Popped so high into the air you’d have needed binoculars (or so it felt), spun with a strong aggressive rotational torque mid-air..

And landed gracefully…with both feet, staring at your hands like you just unlocked your “ninja”

Your first flip…

Words couldn’t describe what happened next..

A smile so wide it crippled your face was struck onto you, your brain filling with happiness and joy…

You tried to speak, but only the sound of pure shock, and awe came out in a jumble…

Your breathing was rapid, excited…and you rushed to your phone to see the playback of the beauty you just cranked out.

It’s the best you ever felt…

30 days of hard work and months more of dreaming…

It finally paid off.

And you couldn’t be more confident, happy, and proud of yourself

You immediately crack on with the next variation…ready to feel that same energy again.

Put a happy picture

Seems like a “pipe-dream” right?

Seems like a “pipe-dream” right?

That can be you once you enroll in our program…

Joining the rare club of people who’ve landed a flip…a movie star trick most think impossible

And you can do it

Unlocking what we think (and they do) to be the most astonished and jaw-droppingly proud feeling in the world

Crushing all fear and giving you a new level of confidence..

How a famous painter learns a backflip:

"Why I love training with them and doing this course is because it ignites passion and it gives me the freedom to move the way I want to.

It's awesome because everybody can do that at home. "
Nik Anikis (32)
World-renowned painter

Onto the big question…

How much am I going to charge for this system?

The sure-fire way to crack a flip in 30 days or less..

To amaze yourself, your crush, your friends and family

To defeat a challenge that less than 0.5% of people EVER achieve and join one of the rarest clubs in the world

We’ve spent years refining this system…YEARS of (quite literally) blood sweat and tears

And until now we’ve only shared it at our super-private in person training sessions…

Which we charged THOUSANDS for…

Plus bearing in mind we perform for some of the biggest brands like Red Bull, Samsung (and charge a hefty price for)

What are you going to pay for these “million dollar secrets”??

Because we’re not going to charge the millions we could for an in person event…although I’m sure we’d get plenty of buyers

And we’re not going to charge what other “bogus jump programs” charge either..

Or the rates for 1-1 training in most gyms..

Heck, even a one month membership

Because today if you purchase you’re only going to pay..


To land your first flip in 30 days…

But for the next few months, to mark the 15th anniversary of our very first flips we’re giving a hefty discount..

Dropping the full price of the system to an even cheaper $67

A STEAL for what you’re getting..

But wait

We’re not done, oh no

Because if you buy today I’m going to pack in some extra bonuses, to elevate your flipping game to the NEXT LEVEL..


Thought the “Neural spring effect” was cool?

That it would supercharge your jumping and flipping power in the air?

Then you’re going to love this…

Because these really are the insider tricks when it comes to flipping…

They’ve helped us to perform in front of thousand-wide crowds with no fear, and will immediately accelerate ANY progress you make in other modules….

Yes, these insider tricks have quite literally SAVED us on the big stage TENS of times..

They’re like our back-pocket “natural steroids” and we keep them for special occasions…

But you can use them every time you flip!
Onto our next bonus


I know what you might be thinking…

Warmup…that’s lame!

I wouldn’t blame you…I used to feel the exact same way, but it turns out it does MAGIC for your performance.

Activating an internal mechanism called “supercompensation” which means your performance is boosted roughly 20% after doing it!

An advantage you should take everyday…

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

AND you’ll get full access to the exact warmup routines we use before our big shows to get access to these effects..

So if you don’t want to know the science, you don’t have to…

Just watch and follow!

But that’s not everything you’re going to get today…

We know this system will have you cracking out flips in the first 30 days…

(No matter how unathletic, fearful you are and without a gym or trainer…)

Just like these people:

But if you’re still sceptical, I’m going to make this even more irresistible..

To make this a complete “no risk” investment on your half..

Which covers you in case of….

Not being able to land your flip in 30 days (which I assure you won’t happen)..

If you don’t like us, or the contents..

If you don’t like the course layout..

If you don’t like anything…

Because the “first flip” refund is a no-questions asked, send-ya money straight back guarantee..

Just send us an email and boom, you’ve got your money back…

And it’s not just a “cheapskate” 14 days…

Even 30..

Because our “first flip” guarantee insures you for a whopping 60 days!

“First Flip 60 day guarantee”

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this course, simply contact us using the email in the footer of this page and we'll refund you 100% of your money immediately, no questions asked!

A “no-brainer” take our money guarantee!

So let me just recap what you’re getting…


Uncovering the hidden raw power and potential your body has – the “Neural spring effect” and more…


Unlocking and stretching your kangaroo like elastic fibres so you’re a firework when you jump of the ground!


(And back and side flips afterwards). The juice of the program, and what’s going to get you exhilarated


The insider secrets that have saved our butts HUNDREDS of times, and will activate your inner “superhero”…


Covering “supercompensation” and an easy 20% boost along with PaP and other tricks – get your flip game on!

For just $67…

One last thing…

Unless of course…you want to take advantage of our special offer..

If $67 is stretching your bank account and you’re HAPPY spending hours more than you really need to land your first flip.. This ISN’T for you…(You can now click the BIG button above)

But if you’re looking for more…

Our personal training package is the WAY to go..

Here’s the juice:



We will personally review the videos you take of your flips, giving you the feedback you need to nail a flip in record time..

This has been named as one of the most valuable features in this “extra” package..

Because personalised advice is KING!

For just an astonishing $179..

Just $100 more, for a personal coach!

But wait..

Because we ALWAYS like to over deliver in everything we do…

We’re going to continue our “celebration” discount..

Bringing the price down to a staggering $99

$99 for pro real-time feedback!

A Personal Trainer!

This is the BEST deal you’re ever going to get. So act QUICKLY!

Now, you’re left with a decision…

One with your ability to flip…and to see the smile of yourself and EVERYONE else you love

Your friends, family, your crush…

In the balance

It’s a crossroads, and a decision is mandatory

To your left is the path you’ve always been on..

Dreaming of what it would be like to be a “Ninja”..

It’s been a pipe-dream for so long..

Maybe you’ve tried all the youtube videos on how to flip..

Or were scared you’d hurt yourself..

Let me ask you a question:

Wouldn’t it be wise to assume that if you go left, and stay on this path, that things will stay the same..

And that you’ll simply be a spectator

Watching behind a screen as everyone else (and the other brave people on this page) speedrun to their first flip to beyond

How is that going to make you feel….



Is that what you want?

To your right is the path you’ve wanted to take for a while now..

You’ve been looking for something to turn that dream into a sure-fire reality, and now you’ve got your chance..

You know you won’t find anything else elsewhere..

That’s why you’ve read this far..

Maybe you’re drooling just imagining what that first flip is going to feel like…

The best feeling of your life

How you’ll be excited for DAYS afterwards..

The admiration and respect you’ll get…

The pull-out-your pocket trick you can try anywhere..

Picture it clearly, just as I do..

Because I know you’ve got it in you

Choose the right road…

3790+ students did it:

Acro Foundation

Everything from the program

Learn frontflip, backflip & sideflip
Get 30 day strength training plan
Develop strength, explosiveness and flexibility
Science based methods to boost performance
Process to overcome fears
Best value

Plus Personal

Get Your Flipping Art Coach



Everything from "Acro Foundation"
Get at Flipping Art Personal Coach
Film yourself and send weekly videos
Get in-depth movement breakdowns
Get step-by-step plan based on analysis
Coach available 24/7 via chat
Get our support for 2 months

Plus LIVE video
1:1 Coaching

Get LIVE Video Coaching



Everything from "Plus Personal Coaching"
Get LIVE video training sessions
4 LIVE sessions (30min each)
Get real time feedback & analysis

Got a question?

Frequently asked questions

About course

This course is for all skill levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re already familiar with acrobatics in some way and you just want to accelerate your growth and expand your skills. Whatever the case may be, you will build a strong acrobatic foundation you can work on in the future.
If you’re looking to learn a new skill, be more fit and finish the course with something you’ll really be proud of, this course is for you.
We understand. It may look a bit scary for sure. But if you have the right methods and guidance where you go step by step this won’t be a problem at all.
How will you overcome your fear?
  • Visualization exercises
  • Step-by-step learning methods
  • In-depth anatomical and biomechanical understanding
Acrobatics can be scary when we don’t know what to expect. But when we know what are we doing and we understand the mechanism behind it we don’t really think about it anymore. This is why having a proven method and experienced instructors can really make a difference.
While this plays a factor, we developed our course in a way that anyone can reach success. If you stick to our in-depth strength training plan you will for sure become stronger and more explosive and eventually land your first flip.
Depending on your fitness level, you may need to spend a bit more time on the strength training plan. By default, it’s 30 days long but you can prolong it and just repeat the cycles until you feel confident to continue.
You will have everything you need to succeed. If you are patient enough, you will reach your goals. That’s our guarantee.
Absolutely. Our methods are based on a gradual progression where you only need a mattress and a few pillows. We made sure all exercises are safe and can be done at home.

You can also go to the local gym for a final execution of a flip and land one in 1 or 2 sessions (saving a bunch of money).
If you follow our recommendations, go step by step, and secure your surroundings properly, you will land your first flip for sure. 

You’ll take the course completely online, so you’ll need a computer, tablet, or phone to access it.

Also, you’ll need a space where you can comfortably and safely practice your acrobatics and some sort of cushioning. In our course, we use mattresses and pillows but if you have something similar, it will work as well.

Some things are just not for everyone, and we get that. That’s why we offer a full refund in case our course won’t work out for you.

However, we can guarantee you that if you follow what we teach and also spend enough time in the strength training module you will achieve success. Our methods are based on training 3700+ people and we can honestly say they really work. 

During the checkout, you will create an account with your email and password. You can log into our platform using these credentials. You can also change them later in your account dashboard.

After purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you will get more information on how to navigate our website. From there you can go straight to the course.

Course packages

We wanted to make sure everyone can get the experience they are looking for. That’s why we divided our course into 3 different packages:

Acro Foundation
We build you from the bottom up. You will get a deep understanding of how the body works during acrobatics. How to get stronger, faster, and more flexible with our 30-day strength training plan. When your foundations are set, we will dive right into learning frontflip, backflip, and sideflip.

Plus Personal Coaching
Along with a full course, we will personally help you reach your goals. You will be able to send us videos of your progress which we will analyze and provide you with constructive feedback. We will give you specific tips & exercises on how to improve, what to work on, etc. You will have our weekly support for 2 months.

Plus LIVE video 1:1 coaching
You will be able to hop on a video call with one of us and get real-time feedback on your training. You can be at home or in a gym. Based on all the info gathered you will also receive a comprehensive analysis in a document and a detailed training plan to continue.

Plus Personal Coaching
When you sign up for Plus Personal Chat Coaching you unlock the ability to chat with us individually during the course and send us videos or pictures of your progress.

We will analyze your technique and give you constructive feedback, and personalized exercises, send you extra videos for your specific case, and give you tips on how to improve, etc.

What to expect from personal coaching:

  • Your very own personal Flipping Art coach
  • Film yourself and send weekly videos
  • Get in-depth movement breakdowns
  • Get a step-by-step plan based on the analysis
  • Coach available 24/7 via chat
  • Support for the whole learning process (2 months from purchasing)

Plus LIVE video 1:1 coaching
You will get everything from Plus Personal Chat Coaching and also the ability to hop on a call with us and get real-time feedback on your training. 

This will help you superpower your training even further since the amount of information exchanged is much higher on a call.

Based on all the info you will also receive a comprehensive analysis in a document and a detailed training plan to continue.

Absolutely. If you decide to upgrade your package, you will only pay for the price difference between the packages.

Just let us know at and we will help you right away.


Worst case scenario is you invest in “Acro Foundation” program and it ends up not working for you.. right?

Well…If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this course, simply contact us using the email in the footer of this page. And we’ll refund you 100% of your money immediately, no questions asked!

Why? Because we want you to be here if YOU want to be here. It’s not good for you AND for us, if you are forced to pay for a program you get nothing from it.

Each course is a one-time payment. You have lifetime access and receive all future updates.

We accept all common payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Diners, Maestro, Discover, etc.

For payment processing, we use Stripe and Paypal, two of the most widely used and trusted payment processing services in the industry. All of your personal information is securely handled by them.

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